Practical Autohotkey: Type Faster, Do More with Less, and Amaze Your Boss with your Productivity

Practical AutoHotkey: How to get faster at work with text expansion and automation.

If you already own the book, jump to the AutoHotkey examples page or the AutoHotkey reference page. The Amazon links on this page are affiliate links; if I'm going to link to Amazon anyway, I might as well get a small commission, right?


Wouldn’t it be great if your computer did what you wanted, instead of what it wanted?

Practical AutoHotkey will make you and your computer faster, together. It teaches you to:

  • Save time typing—turn "ty" into "Thank you." and "plet" into "Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns." with text expansion (AKA autocomplete).
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts—Make F12 insert the current date, and F10 control your music.
  • Keep your windows organized—launch and hide applications with the press of a button. Press F2 to see your e-mail and hide it again when you’re finished. Or F3 to see your todo list in RememberTheMilk, and press F4 to check your favorite news site.

Practical AutoHotkey provides detailed instructions for getting started and writing your first text expansion and window management scripts. It’s written in clear, accessible language and includes detailed examples and downloadable code.

Not convinced AutoHotkey can help you? See the full list of benefits.

Or try a free AutoHotkey tutorial and try text expansion yourself.


Looking for the AutoHotkey examples page?

Or for the AutoHotkey reference page?

Note: AutoHotkey only runs on Microsoft Windows, and does not require installation. If you’re running MacOS, try ‘Keyboard Maestro’ instead. If you’re running GNU/Linux, check out AutoKey or xdotool.


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